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Meet Ellen EP 001 Guest: Jermain Clarke-Part 1 of 3

EP 004 Meet Ellen GUEST Eden Lifestyle/ Part 1 of a 3-part series entitled "Young & About the Father's Business." 


Eden Lifestyle is a family ministry comprised of three brothers, a sister and a wife: Ezra St Juste,

Monet St Juste, Kalina St Juste,

Renoir St Juste, and Jenee St Juste.


These health missionaries range from 21-28 years of age and have already dedicated their lives to Kingdom work full-time.  They seek to continually grow in their relationship with Jesus Christ and to take the everlasting gospel to the ends of the earth, through gospel medical missionary work. 


They currently operate a lifestyle center in Pine Bush, NY, engage in bible health evangelism training, health seminars, in home bible studies and house calls for the sick. Their goal as a family is to set up lifestyle centers and mission schools around the globe.


In this episode, 21-year-old Ezra tells their story of struggles, sacrifices, victories and miracles as they aid people in making lifestyle changes for healing and health.


Today's text is "Our Example" p. 10 the last paragraph in the Harvestime Books edition of The Ministry of Healing. / 1 (844) 433-3654

Eden Lifestyle 

Office: 1 (845) 247-5713
Fax: 1 (845) 789-4111

Address: P.O.Box 184, Cragsmoor, NY 12420 



Meet Ellen EP 004 Guest: Eden Lifestyle/ Part 1 of 3

00:00-01:01 INTRO

01:02-07:14 TEXT "Our Example"

07:15-29:06 Interview with Ezra St Juste:

-Ministry of Healing book

used as a devotional

-Practical steps and healing power of Christ...

-Fatty Foods

-Power of Walking  

-50 percent fat/50 percent sugar

-Drinking a lot more water


-Simple solutions like going to bed earlier

-Investing in healthful foods  is more cost-effective than buying pharmaceutical drugs.

-Doctor took her off the meds.

-Promises in the Word/Exodus 15:26

-Practical means laid out in nature.

-Free to go out into the sun...

Blood sugar down in two weeks time...

-Simple is not always easy...


-Lifestyle changes 


29:07-30:11 OUTRO

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