Meet Ellen EP 001 Guest: Jermain Clarke-Part 1 of 3

EP 005 Meet Ellen GUEST Eden Lifestyle/ Part 2 of a 3-part series entitled "Young & About the Father's Business." 


Eden Lifestyle is a family ministry comprised of three brothers, a sister and a wife: Ezra St Juste,

Monet St Juste, Kalina St Juste,

Renoir St Juste, and Jenee St Juste.


These health missionaries range from 21-28 years of age and have already dedicated their lives to Kingdom work full-time.  They seek to continually grow in their relationship with Jesus Christ and to take the everlasting gospel to the ends of the earth, through gospel medical missionary work. 


They currently operate a lifestyle center in Pine Bush, NY, engage in bible health evangelism training, health seminars, in home bible studies and house calls for the sick. Their goal as a family is to set up lifestyle centers and mission schools around the globe.


In this episode, 21-year-old Ezra tells their story of struggles, sacrifices, victories and miracles as they aid people in making lifestyle changes for healing and health.


Today's text is "Our Example" p. 10 the last paragraph in the Harvestime Books edition of The Ministry of Healing. / 1 (844) 433-3654

Eden Lifestyle 

Office: 1 (845) 247-5713
Fax: 1 (845) 789-4111

Address: P.O.Box 184, Cragsmoor, NY 12420 



Meet Ellen EP 005 Guest: Eden Lifestyle Part 2 of 3

EP 005 Meet Ellen Eden Lifestyle Part 2 of 3 of the series "Young and About the Father's Business" with brothers Ezra and Monet St Juste.


00:00-00:54 INTRO


00:55-07:23 TEXT Chapter One-"Our Example" p. 13, section Brotherly Love in the Harvestime Books' edition of The Ministry of Healing


07:30-28:30 INTERVIEW w/ Monet and Ezra

-A story of healing and recovery.

-The 8 Natural Laws are simple, but applying them is not always easy. 

-Praying is the Number 1 tool in transforming one's life.  Ask God for strength and help.

-Educate yourself on WHY you are making certain changes

-Lack of exercise destroys the human body

-Educate yourself in right principles

Strengthens your will...

pp 127 Ministry of Healing-8 Laws of Health


14:43 Matt 24:26-31

-The flesh is weak, feeble

-21 days form a new habit

-Someone to motivate you, pray with you, hold you accountable,

organize your schedule

-Place of Healing and Restoration


16:40 GRAND OPENING of Eden Lifestyle Home , Feb. 5th 


17:10 Summary of three tools to help in lifestyle transformation

  1. PRAY


ACCOUNTABILITY-place to form better habits 

-Addictive properties of food

-Definition of Medical Missionary


24:06 Matt 4:23-24 Christ's Example of Missionary Work

  1. Teaching 

  2. Preaching (including the spiritual aspects)

  3. Healing all manner of sickness

-Christ spent more time healing the sick than preaching 

-Christ always used the simple agents of nature...Christ used clay to heal the blind man. Why clay? Beneficial properties of clay even today.


26:05 King Hezekiah-Figs placed on the boils. Many years added to Hezekiah's life.


28:31-29:51 OUTRO