Meet Ellen EP 001 Guest: Jermain Clarke 1 0f 3
Meet Ellen EP 001 Guest: Jermain Clarke-Part 1 of 3

EP 001 Meet Ellen GUEST: Jerrmain Clarke-Part 1 of 3


In part one of this three part series entitled "Creator's Masterpiece," lifestyle consultant and educator


Jerrmain Clarke talks about his introduction to The Ministry of Healing book written by Ellen G. White. Clarke, director of New Jersey-based Wilt Thou Be Made Whole Ministry, also shares about the human body as "God's creation" and the Bible  as the "owner's manual" that comes with it for its health and restoration. Clarke calls the Bible "the greatest medical book that has ever been written."

Meet Ellen EP 001 Guest: Jerrmain Clarke 1 0f 3

00:00-00:52 INTRO

00:52-07:15 BOOK TEXT: Title/Intro/Content



"Creator's Masterpiece" with Lifestyle Consultant & Educator Jerrmain Clarke


12:11 Psalm 100:3

13:44 Genesis 1:26

13:59 Ellen G. White


Review and Herald, Feb 11,  1902

15:29 Genesis 2:7


Substance called dust


16:49 The Root System

17:47 God's Plan-preservation and restoration of health

19:15 Patent-defined


God patented the human body

20:00 Isaiah 43:1 

20:24 Ellen G. White quote from The Ministry of Healing

21:01 Redemption

21:40 1 Corinthians 6:19-20

22:08 Psalm 100:3

"We need to glorify God in our bodies..."

22:27 Psalm 139:14

23:28 Genesis 1:26

23:35 Genesis 6:5

"Imagination of man's heart was evil continually..."

24:44 How health plays a role in restoring the image of God in human beings.

24:55 Ellen G. White's book Temperance, page 13

"God communicates directly to the brain..."

26:06 "Lessening of vital powers."

"Deadening of the sensibilities of the mind."

26:43 Still small voice...

27:53-29:20 OUTRO

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Music is by singer, songwriter and creator Gilli Moon