Meet Ellen EP 001 Guest: Jermain Clarke-Part 1 of 3

EP 002 Meet Ellen GUEST: Jerrmain Clarke-Part 2 of 3


EP 002  Meet Ellen GUEST Jerrmain Clarke's "Creator's Masterpiece" Part 2


In the second of a three-part series called "Creator's Masterpiece," Jerrmain Clarke, lifestyle consultant and educator, talks about the effects of processed foods and excitotoxins on the body-- especially the brain. 


The text is from the section "Read This First" featuring The Laws Governing Our Being (p. 5) and Basic Principles (pp. 6-7) in the Harvestime Books edition of Ellen G. White's The Ministry of Healing.

New Jersey-based Clarke is the director of Wilt Thou be Made Whole Ministry.  He consults individuals and conducts health seminars/expos and Medical Missionary training schools.

Meet Ellen EP 002 Guest: Jerrmain Clarke 2 0f 3

00:00-01:12 INTRO


01:12-08:24 TEXT: Read This First

01:12-04:02 The Laws Governing Our Being 

04:02-08:23 Basic Principles 

(The 8 Natural Laws)

08:24-08:31 Introducing guest Jerrmain Clarke

08:31-29:16 Creator's Masterpiece continued...

EXTRA: Article on Excitotoxins

29:16-29:52 OUTRO