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Meet Ellen EP 001 Guest: Jermain Clarke-Part 1 of 3

EP 003 Meet Ellen GUEST: Jerrmain Clarke-Part 3 of 3


EP 003  Meet Ellen GUEST Jerrmain Clarke's

"Creator's Masterpiece" Diseases of the Egyptians Pt 3

New Jersey-based Clarke is the director of Wilt Thou be Made Whole Ministry.  He consults individuals and conducts health seminars/expos and Medical Missionary training schools.

Meet Ellen EP 003 Guest: Jerrmain Clarke 3 of 3

00:00-00:55 INTRO 


00:55- 06:59 TEXT: Our Example 


06:59- 07:06 INTRO-Jerrmain Clarke and "The Diseases of the Egyptians"


07:20 Exodus 15:26

Conditionally promises of God.


08:30 Exodus 23:25

I will take sickness away from the midst of you...


Imagine if there was no sickness among us. Could you imagine how POWERFUL our message would be?


10:04 Psalms 105:37

There was not one feeble person among their tribes...


10:44 Deuteronomy 34:7

Moses-His eyes were not dimmed nor his natural force abated.


12:40 Deuteronomy 32:18

-Our problem is that we have forgotten God. 


-The reason we are so sick is that we are eating for ourselves and drinking for ourselves NOT to glorify God...


13:22 1 Corinthians  10:31

Do all to the glory of God...


13:51 -18:35 The Diseases of the Egyptians 


14:00 Deuteronomy 28

verses 15, 22, 27, 28, 35


14:22 Exodus 15:26

If you do what I say, I will protect you...If not these diseases will overtake you.


14:30 verse 22-Certain types of diseases mentioned:

-Consumption (respiratory diseases-TB, flu, COPD, asthma, bronchitis, pneumonia)

-Fever (scarlet fever, hay fever, typhoid, malaria, zika)


(arthritis, bursitis, gout)


-Extreme Burning

(Heartburn- #1 drug sold over the counter is antacids)

verse 27

-Hemorrhoids, Scab, Itch

verse 28


(Mad Cow's disease , Alzheimer's disease, dementia)



-Astonishment of Heart

#1 killer in the world is heart disease, heart attacks, strokes...


17:32 Moody University of Chicago Press article states that Modern Paleopathologists have come to the conclusion that  the Egyptians suffered from heart disease, cancer, diabetes, gout, arthritis, hemorrhoids, tuberculosis...


Ex 15:26-OBEDIENCE leads to protection


18:35 The solution is there...


18:50 Proverbs 26:2

There's always a cause for the curse. 


20:26 The cure is in the cause.

-Preventative Measures


20:40 Medical society is treating the symptoms and not treating the causes.


-We need to get to the cause and the symptoms will take care of themselves. Get to the root of the problem...




"Let food be thy medicine and  medicine be thy food."


-Foods with medicinal properties like non sulphuric Blackstrap Molasses

-loaded with B vitamins, Iron, calcium and other vitamins and minerals.

-Fights off certain types of cancers.



garlic-Nature's #1 antibiotic


24:16 Cold medicine/Nature's Penicillin 


INGREDIENTS-Grapefruit, lemon, garlic, onion, few drops of peppermint oil-all blended with skin on except the onion-Ingest a tablespoon at a time.


-Onions-help cure typhoid

-Papaya seeds-help cure malaria




26:27 Leaves of the trees for the healing of the nation.


26:35 If we get on God's Plan, things will be better for us...


26:40-27:44 Info on Jerrmain Clarke and how he works with clients.


27:44-28:55 OUTRO

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EP 004 Eden Lifestyle-new series



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